My favorite recovery tools

Gold star stuff!

Gold star stuff!

Hey Guys! It has been a hot minute (or month really) since I’ve been able to sit down and write! Mostly because I’ve spent a large chunk of this past month sick; fighting off one thing after another, to the point that running regularly was laughable. But fear not- I’ve rested, I’ve recharged, and I’m getting back at it. Until then, instead of regaling you with details of my various illnesses, I figured we try something different!

Today I thought I’d run down a list of my favorite recovery tools. These items, some big some small, have made recovering easy and even fun. Let’s do it!

#1 Zyllion Shiatsu Massager


My in-laws have this and we used it so much we bought our own. I am pretty lazy about my recovery, so when I feel a little nag in my calf or quad I just plug this massager in and it will relax a bit. My favorite part of the Zyllion is the heat therapy aspect, and the size is easy enough to bring into bed with you.


#2 Tens 7000 ESTIM

I once thought the only place for Electrical Muscle Stimulation was PT, but I was wrong. The Tens is super wallet friendly, and small enough to travel with. I typically only lean on this when my mileage peaks or I am feeling particularly sore. It does the job!

#3 Exogen Bone Healing System


A very very generous doctor once gave me this machine, and it wonderful. I am crazy prone to stress fractures and, when used correctly, ultrasound speeds up the recovery. They are pretty expensive, but you can find some used ones online or ask your PT for treatments.

#4 Shakoolie


Shower beer holder! One of my best friends gave this to me and I pretty much use it everyday (and no not just for alcoholic beverages haha). My favorite thing to do after a morning run is treat myself to an iced coffee, slap it in the Shakoolie, and sip it while I shower. Super hot day? Water with lemon all the way. Getting my liquids in while I steam is a great way to jump start recovery. LOVE.

#5 Jade Yoga Mat


This mat changed my yoga life haha. No, seriously. At first put off by the price, I tried it and fell in love with how much I stuck to it. And while I am not much of a yogi, even I have noticed a major improvement in my recovery with purposeful movement. Plus, it is a lot easier for me to commit to a recovery routine when the gear alone makes me happy.

Honorable Mentions: 2XU compression socks, Tiger Stick, Epsom Salt Baths

And that’s a wrap! What are your favorite recovery tools? I’d love to know as I start building my arsenal for this season!