Hello from the Other Side (of my screen)


Over the last month, I have written and deleted countless posts. I've had a lot of personal health stuff going on, and I wanted to explain it all. I felt like I owed everyone an explanation for not running or posting my usual updates. In the end, it seemed too much and too personal to tackle here, and I debated shutting down Go Caitie Go.

I started Go Caitie Go to document my injury comeback and to use as weekly practice for my animation skills. It did both of those things wonderfully (I've run a marathon and now have my dream job illustrating and animating full time!). It had some surprising perks as well- connecting me to a wider running community and even helping me meet some of my closest friends. 

It's been really hard to let all of that goodness go. Even in periods of a training hiatus, I still always come back here to reconnect. I usually don't sweat it, but for the first time, I don't feel like I want to be fully transparent. And if I can't be fully transparent in the life events that affect my training, what am I doing here?

These are the questions I've been wrestling with. Well, until this morning. When I realized how completely stupid and selfish my whole debate is. Go Caitie Go is a fun project that brings me closer to friends and family alike- skipping over a few personal details isn't going to change that. Who doesn't need a little weekly touch base with their community, their running, and their creativity? I know I do. In many ways, you keep me connected to the good things in life. I love that!

After a month of being sidelined by health issues, I am going to try to get back to my base. My mileage, my friends, my life, and yes- this blog. Let's go.

Back to Training: Part One

This week I ran at my team's monthly pub run, threw in a yoga class, and a small bouldering session. It isn't much- but it's something! I am moving more and focusing on the fun of it. Next week, I'll start back on the low and slow approach: running frequently but taking it easy to build my base. See you then!