Back to Basics

building that base like

building that base like

I've learned a lot about myself during past training cycles, and one of the biggest lessons came from base building. Mainly, that I need a lot of it.

Prior to my low slow and frequent experiment, I had always assumed that more runs meant injury for me. Turns out, that was mostly because I wasn't base building enough for my particular body.

With that in mind, I decided to give myself the longest most-safest (hopefully) base building plan. From now until summer, I'll try to build a low but consistent base. Months on months on months of relaxed easy mileage.

These past 4 weeks, I've done just that. Three to four days of running, between 2 and 6 miles each time. 

I would love to sit here and tell you that it feels awesome (which, running wise, it does!), but then my leg will cramp, and my ankle will tell me about the upcoming rain, and I feel a bit broken all over again. What gives?

In all of my running excitement, I neglected a few things. Hydration. Warm-ups. Stretching. I also failed to pull back on other activities, like ballet, which strain your calves.  While I'll probably never give up my other athletic pursuits, I can still grab a foam roller and try my best. So this next week is all about getting back to the basics; building my base and recovering like a pro.

Getting that winter crosstraining

Getting that winter crosstraining

Did you know that you can  follow my training animations  on the daily?

Did you know that you can follow my training animations on the daily?

The game plan

This week, I'll focus on getting reacquainted with my foam roller. I'll work warming up, cooling down, and stretching into my run- even if that means the run gets cut short for time. Wish me luck!