Handstands 2/5. Way more than just handstands.

gunks, camping, and handstands. // my first gif made on the ipad!

gunks, camping, and handstands. // my first gif made on the ipad!

So, how have the handstands been going? Great question actually, let me tell you about it.

It's a funny story...

I recently made the decision to take on new creative clients, moving from my full time roll into freelance, in aims of putting more time into my side hustle. 

With that transition comes new workloads. My free time being more about contracts and new clients than handstands or running.

I realize this whole "sorry I didn't follow through on that post but life got crazy" refrain is become a somewhat regular storyline. And, in my defense, life got crazy! But I also realize I should get it together.

Take your goals seriously

I had thought the most I'd learn from attempting headstands was a headstand. That was, until I was sipping coffee with Andy after a long night (ahem bear!) camping. We were talking all things big (career, illustration, athletic pursuits) when he busted out this nice little line:

You need to take your goals seriously. Like the handstand thing.

Excuse me? The handstand thing? Of all the goals I've put out there, this seemed the smallest least significant of all. But I saw his point. 

Just the night before, I had been laughing with friends about the seriousness I had put into my previous goals. How I focused so hard on running again, I became obsessed with picking up marbles and being the best at ankle circles. These small, seemingly silly goals were the stepping stones to my achievement. No ankle circles, no marathon. Which begs the question, if I can't get amped for the small easy goals, how can I build the biggest of my dreams?

I know it's a far leap from handstands to award winning designs (or whatever my future goals may be) but who knows right? I never would have thought that a small running blog would have pushed my art as far as it has, but here we are!

So, I started kicking my feet up the wall

It's not very glamorous, and I'm not sure it is very productive, but in the final reps of my new-again nightly ritual, I feel a fleeting moment of balance. Just a little, not very long, and not very stable, but a little lift. And it makes me think; sometimes in order to get to where we want to be, we have to push past it a little. We have to push into the fear to find the space where you can hover forever. 

I think I am learning a lot after all.