Growing an Ankle, Post Op.

Two and half more weeks before I can maybe do something yay!!! Originally we thought I would be on crutches for two weeks, but my first appointment proved I was not ready and it was extended to a total of six weeks. Kinda a bummer. A real big fat bummer, to be honest.

And I handled it extremely well as I am a very mature positive lady all the time just kidding it has been a little hard, living in a walk-up and all. 

But soon enough after the bad news, I had friends coming over with dinner, my fiance swooped in to take care of me, and I started getting serious about my artwork. Time has actually passed and now I am looking at the finish line, working my way through physical therapy on crutches. 2.5 more weeks!

Getting artsy instead of athletic on the weekends

Getting artsy instead of athletic on the weekends

How to train when you literally can't even

My long-term goal, documented here, is to run a marathon. My short term goal each day is to train. And sometimes, like today, that training means ankle circles. Is it super hard and fun? Not really. Will it get my closer to my long-term goal? Absolutely! So today I am going to be the best ankle circler ever born. I am running ankle circles around the competition ehhh i tried.

Right now my therapist and I are focusing on movement (circles, writing the alphabet with my ankle) and hip strength ( leg raises, clam shells). My left calf is already a full centimeter thinner than the right, so I'll be sure to face some major muscles imbalances down the road. But with nailing down a full range of movement and strengthening the areas I can, I hope to make the comeback a little safer.


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