Countdown: One week to assisted walking

Goooood Afternoon Interwebs! Hope you are enjoying this last kick of sun before the season shifts.

I have, hopefully, entered the last week of non-weight bearing recovery. After last time, I don't want to get my hopes up, but I can't help it. Getting around on one leg for 6 weeks is really hard. So far I've taken three big falls, including one down the stairs, and I'm a little nervous I dented my growing cartilage.  Oh well, fingers crossed...

This weekend is the NYC Marathon! Running is in the air. I even went out to Manhattan for the my first big girl crutches trip to see Tracktown at the Marathon Pavilion. I love being around runners and I can't wait to cheer (from afar) all of my friends. When I was first injured, being around runners made me sad. I felt left out, left behind, and jealous. But now, a billion injuries later, I use it to motivate me to recover stronger and train smarter. I don't get bummed out by what I missed out on; I get stoked on what I have yet to accomplish. Hopefully this time next year I'll be up and running, so to speak.

Working on my paintings. Here, a runner melts into her surrounds.

Working on my paintings. Here, a runner melts into her surrounds.

How to train when you literally can't even, part two

After dominating the world of ankle circles, I moved up to writing the alphabet! My therapist has also added a fun game of marble pick up to strengthen my toes, and added ankle weights to the leg lifts. 

I am feeling much stronger and confident with my ankle. I leave it down for longer periods of time and even cross my ankles without realizing it- which believe it or not is actually a big deal for me.

I'd like to say that I've mixed in a ton of core work but that would be a lie. Just getting around, to work, to the bathroom- is exhausting. My armpits are raw from my crutches. The last thing i feel like doing is maneuvering myself to the ground for core, and have to engineer a way to crawl back up. It's pathetic, but it's true! Core will just have to wait this week. Along with showering regularly, and anything else that requires just a bit too much of moving around haha.

Till next time!