My re-entry into Running

Getting the gear back together again

Getting the gear back together again

Hi Guys! Thought I'd pop in and give you a quick update on my running!

One of the most challenging parts of being injured is figuring out how to return to running. Jump in too much and you could blow your recovery. Jump in too little and you could risk injuring yourself all over again. It's a fine line- so where do you start?

My running doctor was kind enough to help guide me through the re-entry process, giving me a general outline of training to ramp up safely. 

Here are the run walk intervals he suggested I do three times a week, alternating rest days:

Week One: Walk 5 min, Run 5 min, x 2

Week Two: Walk 3 min, Run 7 min, x 2

Week Three: Run 20 min

Week Four: Run 25 min

Week Five: Run 30 min

That's right: five whole weeks of ramping up. After the fifth week, I should be set to train as a fully healed runner! 

Having patience in training is always hard, but having to hold back at this time in my life seems especially difficult. You see, I have a lot on my mind. Ever since last week, I have been thinking a lot about my goals outside of running. What's next? Where to? These big questions always seem easier to nibble at while running, which makes it that much harder to keep my re-entry runs short. 

But short they will have to be until I hit my fifth week of recovery- which luckily for me is just around the corner. Till then, I'll be playing it safe and practicing those handstands!

Till next time!