Let's chat! (the future of Go Caitie Go)

Straight chilln' these last few weeks

Straight chilln' these last few weeks

Well, here we are! If you couldn't tell by my radio silence after my last post, my injury was in fact a stress fracture. 10 weeks off- to heal, reassess, and learn something new!

A few of you reached out with suggestions on fun new activities to try. I cannot tell you how warm and fuzzy that made me feel! Full with new goals and dreams inspired by your comments, I felt ready to take on the world.

These last 8 weeks off, I've taken more yoga classes than I thought humanly possible, and learned more Jack Johnson songs on the Uke than my downstairs neighbors would have liked.

It has been fun and explorative, but with just two weeks left to go in my recovery, my feet are starting to twitch, my legs are ready to move, and my mind has started wondering;

What is the future of Go Caitie Go?

With my Chicago entry deferred, I have a couple of months to play around. Maybe I'll work on getting over my fear of bouldering, challenge myself to do a handstand, or run my fastest mile time. Whatever detour this forum takes next, I want you along for the ride. So, let's chat! 

What would you like to see me explore next? I will take your suggestions and pick a new goal to start illustrating next week!

Ok, I'll play! I would like to see you try:
Pick your fav option below

Thanks for all of your suggestions! It has been so much fun challenging myself to animate a new running gif each week and I'm not ready to let the party stop while I'm sidelined. Don't worry, I'll be back to the marathon updates you know and love soon. Till then, let's spice it up a bit!

See you next week when I pick a new challenge to start illustrating!