Stress relief through faux running

There is A LOT going on. Weddings being planned, jobs being shifted, exhibits being built. After work, there is more work. 

All of these to-do lists focus on our future, and in this way it is fun. But it is still A LOT. It leaves very little time for physical therapy, not to mention eating regular meals and getting 8 hours of sleep.

With that said, I've skipped PT twice. It still leaves me with a visit once a week, but it is definitely a drop off. My arch has started twitching- probably due to the stress of walking again. I've never had restless leg syndrome but I imagine it to be similar... always twitching. I should take a video of it, it is kind of cool, if not a little worrisome.

I have replaced training with wine

It is true.  I work all day, and wrap it up with a big glass of wine. Not as healthy as wrapping my day up with a run, but not without benefits either! Look at me being all glass-half-full :p 

my new training plan?

my new training plan?

watching what i eat

watching what i eat

The training I managed to do this week leans on the restorative side. Andy and I went to a "Gentle Yoga" class (read: older peeps). I have a hard time dragging myself to yoga- especially to a class that gets out at 9pm, but I am glad I did. Gentle Yoga was much slower than I am used to, but I appreciate being able to sit there and stretch for 90 minutes.  Tonight I plan on further expelling the stress through an elliptical session aka faux running.

How to train when you literally can't even, part 6

Since I do not have much time to train this week, I'm focusing on what is on my plate. I have mixed feelings about eating meat, so I tend not to cook it, but this week I made some chicken to go along with my usual veggies. Protein apparently helps rebuild muscle, so I am hoping this helps with my twitchy arch a bit.

I am not great at watching what I eat, so I've decided to make it more me by illustrating my food journal on my phone. Yup, those are M&Ms next to my fruit and veggies... I'm strange like that.

Till next time!