B I G D A Y today!

It is my first day without crutches. Zero crutches! I can do so many things now.

I can take the subway to work again, carry things in both of my hands, and participate in real life activities.

Yoga? Why of course! Elliptical? A little! Stationary Bike? All day!

This news came after a weekend of pushing boundaries. Saturday I swam for the first time. My ankle hurt a bit on my kicks, but afterwards it felt better. I was so happy I actually shed a tear in the sauna. 
Pro tip: if you want to have the sauna to yourself, cry a bit. #Gold.

My Saturday

My Saturday

Since I was on a roll, I decided to go to the rock gym. Playing it safe, my climbing partner and I took to the ropes for the majority of the session. It was hard and good and fun. 

My ankle does not hurt, but everything else does. My toes, my arch, my arms, my core. Everything. I suppose that is ok!

The fact that I can do pretty much everything except for running is not lost on me. Running always seem just out of reach...

My Sunday

My Sunday

How to train when you literally can't even part 5

Now onto the real work. Physical therapy consists of squats, clam shells, and bridges. We work at balancing on various objects including a foam roller and padded surface. My physical therapist also started stabbing me with a metal torture device, aka The Graston Technique. It it both painful and ticklish so I end up screaming and laughing at the same time.

This week I hope to find some balance between this new world of activity and recovery. Cheers!