Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Two steps forward...

After crutching it around for a week, I've graduated to an ankle brace!! I am still using the crutch for extra support when I am out, but inside the house I'm free to roam small distances on my own.

This is huge. Not needing to ask for help down the stairs or out of the shower- all big things. Two steps forward!

... and one step back

I may have overdone it a tad. Not exactly shocking, seeing as most of injuries are from pushing myself too far. Between walking around a conference all day and PT, my ankle was done.

I often misjudge recovery grey areas, so I am trying my best to slow it back down. I started this blog to hold myself accountable to recovery, so that's what I did. I took an Epsom salt ankle bath.

I first got this container of Epsom salt from my TNT coach at the time as a Christmas gift. In 2012. It has been dutifully holding my doors open ever since. I am the worst runner. 

Last night, at the suggestion of my PT and a nagging fiance, I broke it open. My foot felt better and swelling went down, sure, but more importantly- it was a step in the right direction. Even if that step was one step back.

How to train when you literally can't even, part 4

My therapy still involves basic weight shifting, ankle strength and mobility, and hip work with weights. As for training? I can now swim! I spend my lunch breaks looking at goofy videos of people "deep water running" which looks mildly lame yet excites me to no end. 

Looking forward to getting into the pool this weekend!

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