Rest Days! Boy am I tired...

this is your brain on rest. or a TV binge.

this is your brain on rest. or a TV binge.

Two weeks ago, as I was gearing up to run, I started to whine. Literally moaning as I put on my sneakers. The weather wasn't right. My tights were not my favorite tights. Ugh, I thought.

When I was first starting to run, everyone told me to listen to my body. That doesn't really work for me. I listen, but my body doesn't say much. Throughout the miles, and even the injuries, my body tends to remain silent. You good? Yup, it says.

So, for a long time, I didn't really rest. I'd take a day off, but I'd fill it with a really hard climb or difficult swim session. I always checked in with my body, but I wasn't getting much information back, and I certainly was not getting a stop sign.

My emotions on the other hand? They are screamers. And while my body was full steam ahead, my brain was not. I'd get foggy. I'd complain about work too much or cry over losing my laundry ticket. Super silly stuff, but it has taken me a long time to realize that this was my body's way of signaling for rest. My legs may not hurt, but I will definitely cry about something dumb. 

I tend to think a lot of beginner training tips are geared towards pushing further mentally. Mind over matter. Pain is temporary. Just do it. These thoughts can help us get through a tough spot, but they probably should not be driving our training. Being tired or unmotivated can be a sign of overtraining, and it is not something to necessarily push past or just do.

I love to run. If I am feeling good, I'll run no matter what. Rain, tropical storm, in 100% cotton. So when I go to lace up and I start making excuses not to run- that's my brain telling me I need a rest day. 

And it really is as simple as that. If I don't feel like running, I don't run. 

Ugh. The weather was bad. My tights itched, and I couldn't find my keys. I was cranky. I was tired. So, I pulled off my sneakers and sat down on the couch for a rest day. 

Since then, I've pulled back. A lot. I don't think it has much to do with my running experiment (I am still loving it), but rather life stuff.  Awesomely fun, exciting, crazy busy life stuff. For example- we moved!! Yay!! And our wedding is exactly 2 months away! I am so soo excited! 

But also so so tired- and in need of more rest than normal. So, here I am, resting! Running for my half marathon training, but taking in a lot more down time. 

Catch ya later!

Oh wait, has anyone ever tried rest weeks? Periodization? In some climbing training, you do 3 weeks on, 4th week completely off. Do runners do this?