Patience Grasshopper

Me. As a buggy bug. Spaz. 

Me. As a buggy bug. Spaz. 

Yesterday was my last ever post op and I am happy to say that I am doing great. My progression is stellar. The doctor couldn't be happier. I am a free girl.

Except no running. 


And I am actually doing ok with it! I just have to keep working through PT and in 1-2 months I should be back in full action. I have basically waited two years, so I can wait 1 month. Right? Right.

Before I started this illustrative-road-to-recovery-blog, I would have acknowledged this truth, then slowly dipped back into activity. One month right? Well, what's a week earlier going to do? How about a little run just to get some blood flowing?

But I am older, wiser, and let's face it- busier. I have too much to risk by jumping in ahead of schedule. I have been here before, and I have broken before. So, time to recommit to playing it smart. 

How to train when you literally can't even- still.

PT is down to once a week, and we are doing a more aggressive program. Picture squats and balances on every difficult, round surface. That's pretty much it. Next up- cardio time. I have been putting in 30 min cardio, followed by 15 min strength and 15 min stretch, at least three-four times a week. I find it pretty boring, but the low time commitment helps me fit it in without much fuss.

I am also starting to climb again. Don't worry, I am on a rope. Just here and there, on the weekend. 

Hopefully a month or two will pass like THAT! Hopefully...


OH PS Next Thursday is our art exhibit and fundraiser with Brooklyn Boulders. Be there or be square! 


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