I can't look...

Happy New Year!! 2017! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is as pumped as I am to have a fresh start.

Next week, I have what I believe is my final recovery post-op appointment. I am trying really hard not to get my hopes up, but I can't help but wonder if I'll get the go-ahead to try running. I am so excited but so nervous. 

The road to recovery has been a little long for my liking, but I hope that it will come to a conclusion soon. I have been able to slowly step up my conditioning, from toe circles to full on elliptical sessions.

Will they x-ray my ankle and call me cured, did I mess it up by doing too much too soon, or do I just have a bit further to go? I don't know and it is killing me haha!

Last time I got my hopes up about walking, it crushed me when I was told to wait. This time, I am trying not to look too closely at all the possible outcomes. 

For now, I have a lot to distract myself with. The exhibit, work, and just being happy with the progression I've made. After all, it was only two months ago I was unable to get myself out of the shower.

All that said- I still can't help but hope. I guess that's what a new year is all about.. hoping and trying for something better. Fresh start, fresh year, fresh ankle.