Picking the right shoe. A.K.A You've been out the game so long that they've discontinued all of your gear

You know how it goes. You've done the work. You've spent miles testing and searching for the right gear, and when you've found it, you never switch. Seamless underwear. Wicking socks. Your favorite brand of peanut butter.

But then things happen. You run out of peanut butter... and underwear. Your left sock goes missing in the laundry. Or, sometimes, THEY DISCONTINUE YOUR BELOVED SHOE.

RIP trusty kicks

RIP trusty kicks

And who can blame them? No one runs in that shoe anyways. And the only person who did (ahem) broke their ankle and dropped out of the sport. So it's cool... I'll just start over, no big deal, no reason to panic when the kid at the big box running store scratches his head at the term "pronation"...

May the odds be ever in your favor

.. and by odds I obviously mean the runner's world shoe finder! 

I took the quiz and immediately purchased the top two suggestions: Nike Pegasus 32 and Adidas Supernova Glide 7.  First of all, times have changed. Last I was in the running game, Nike had a bad rep for long miles. Second, I have not worn Adidas since my soccer days. But trust in RW I did because, well, why not.

I wanted to like the Nikes because of the colors, but feel won out and I kept the Adidas. I ran a good chunk in both (well, as much as you can with a bum ankle) and the takeoff from the Adidas was significantly smoother for me. Will they replace my long lost pair of trusty kicks? Time will tell. I hope to run in them a lot more post surgery. But for now, they are giving me the extra boost to keep the slow miles coming.