Getting all of my Fun in

Fun fact: Yoga is a preparation exercise for meditation.  Sitting still for so long can be taxing, so OG yogis-in-the-making started practicing the flowing movements to loosen up and expend energy beforehand.

My last week before surgery has pretty much been like that. Except instead of gearing up for meditation, I am gearing up for recovery. Instead of yoga, I am running around with my head cut off.

In a fun way! Monday was rock climbing, then came running, tonight I'm swimming. Hopefully I'll be able to repeat all of those twice before next week, along with seeing my friends and fitting in a date night.

Me, getting all my fun in at the Gunks- bum ankle and all

Me, getting all my fun in at the Gunks- bum ankle and all

The prospect of physically laying down for two whole weeks is enough to drive me insane- up a wall and on a trail. So I am coming up with an attack plan:

1. Do all of my favorite things with my favorite people

2. Surgery

3. Paint, illustrate, plan a wedding, and watch all the tv shows in the whole world.

For now, I'm just focusing on getting in all the fun I can. The next time you'll hear from me I'll be on the other side of surgery. Fingers crossed!