A Background Story

me, me, me, all about me

me, me, me, all about me

I love running so much it hurts. Quick think of an injury! Yup, had that. Oh, and that one too. Twice. 

And that’s why I gave up long distance running for awhile. I tried for three years to run a second marathon, but I always ended up dropping back to a half or out all together. All of my eggs were in one basket, so every injury put a hold on all the fun bits of my life. So, I went hunting for new baskets, and found them in the forms of rock climbing and swimming. 

Being all over the place, athletically, works for me. I can never over do it, because I am always switching it up. It is like super fun renters insurance for your body. As long as I didn’t get an injury that wiped out all of my activities I was golden!

If only…

They say it is only a matter of time before you break your ankles bouldering, and that turned out to be true for me. Originally we thought it was just a really horrible sprain- the kind that happens when you fall from 12-15 feet off the ground. But atlas, this is a certain kind of velocity-caused cartilage-missing injury, so here I am gearing up for ankle surgery and all i can think about is running again.

Not being able to run for a year and half made me realize how much I want to run for the rest of my life. I have unfinished business with the marathon, and I plan to try my hardest to complete another post-surgery. I am going to have to be smarter, healthier, and stronger. I am probably going to have to ACTUALLY foam roll this time around. I'm older now, with new-old injuries, but I got the guts. Are you with me? Cool! Let's do it.