Biking my Runs

Biding time on the bike

Biding time on the bike

There is literally nothing I hate more than hopping on a stationary bike at my local YMCA. Except maybe not being able to run at all, which is why I am here- on a stationary bike- at my local YMCA.

Since my legs are injury prone, I have to be overly cautious jumping on the wagon again. My training plan may call for three runs in a row, but my legs may beg a different thing from me; and I've learned the hard way that's it's best to listen to them.

For me, that means subbing in crosstraining for any runs my legs deem unwanted. Being able to jump in the pool or on the bike in the beginning allows my body to catch up to my training. It's a great way to get back in the swing of things!

But that doesn't mean I like it.

I hate it.

Running is fun. It is community, freedom, and nature. Stationary bikes are none of those things. Motivation is hard to find when the activity is so isolated and stagnant. Every training day becomes a negotiation with myself. "If i sacrifice this run to the bike-gods, will I be able to do a group run later?"

Training is full of ups and downs, and suffering through things you don't like in order to do a greater thing that you love. So here I am, pumping my heart out on a stationary bike, hoping I can ride this thing to the start of the Chicago Marathon. Fingers crossed!

Chicago Marathon Training Update

Howdy from week 2.5ish of my training! Real talk: my legs feel like cement, I am swapping out more runs for crosstraining than I'd like, and I miss climbing regularly. All that being said, it feels great to move my body again like this and I wouldn't change a thing haha.

I've been using an old training plan to hold me over before I join PPTC's Marathon Training Group in July. I'll be using their training plans this season, and am excited to try something new!

Have a great week guys!