Winter Blues


I think my running shoes have seasonal depression. They just don’t want to go outside. I try to coax them out of hiding- promising warm wool socks and shorter runs- but they are not having it. Nice try they say to me, before kicking up dust and diving under the bed. 

So really, you can blame them for my lack of running. 




Ok, ok, in all seriousness, it has been a struggle to stay active and engaged this winter. Turns out, it is really hard to write about running when you haven't really been running. 

Since it started to snow, the reach of my physical aspirations has shortened to indoor-only activities. Yoga, bouldering, axe-throwing (seriously, I tried it- it was great) are all within my wintry means. But running? That takes willpower.

Willpower- something I have been feeling short on, until I realized how much of it I was using to not run.

Stick with me here: I debate running everyday. I look outside and think, should I run?  That’s a lot of energy to be putting into something you’re not doing. 

So I am going to start small, one cold mile at a time. Wish me luck.