Philly Marathon: Training Update

Different shoes, different runs!

Different shoes, different runs!

First things first, I'd like to give a special Thank You!! to all of the awesome people who have pulled me aside to comment on this blog! I am completely humbled that you continue to come back each week. Hearing from you gives me all of the warm feels- thank you.

Now- let's catch up on some training, cool?

As you know, I am (planning, hoping, crossing-my-fingers) running the Philly Marathon this November and training with TNT. So what exactly does that mean?

My schedule

I am still building up my base, so my mileage usually falls between 20-25 miles. My average week looks like this:

Monday: Cross-training
Tuesday: Running Practice; Hills or Speed workouts
Wednesday: Easy 4-5 miles
Thursday: Race Pace or Tempo run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Running Practice; Long Run or practice races
Sunday: Recovery run; 5 miles.

What's working?

Running for a cause
Raising money to help fight blood cancers gives my running a goal outside of myself. With this, I can easily focus on what really matters. I also get to run with the support, cheers, and high-fives of the coolest people around- my team.

Being Flexible
This is more running than I have done in years, so I play it safe. My goal isn't to finish this run- it is to get to my next. If I am not feeling it, I bail early. "Some run is better than none!"

Embracing my lazy
One of my good friends casually mentioned that she keeps her massage stick on her bed because that's where she hangs out. Game changer. Having my foam roller within arm's reach makes it more likely that I pick it up, even if for a minute. A little bit here and there has gone a long way.

What's not working?

I realize that this may be one of the most important aspects of training, but I stink at it. I'd much rather swim or rock climb than do strength. As with my foam rolling, I know a little will go a long way..

My long run
Randomly, my long runs have not been great. Usually my favorite workout of the week, they have been zapping my energy. I end a tad dizzy and ready for a nap. Not exactly normal. I am thinking this may be due to life stressors, an annoying ear infection that won't go away, and my poor sleep this last week. Hopefully this will phase out!

What's next?

This week I'll readdress the issues with cross-training and my long run energy zaps. I plan to meet a friend on Monday (accountability) and focus on switching up my hydration/nutrition for the long run. 

I also made an appointment for a sports massage. That's right- my first ever. Eeeek can't wait!

Till next week!