Running in my sleep, because that's the only time I have to do it

me, two nights ago

me, two nights ago

After a full three days of chasing the perfect wedding dress around NYC with my Mom, I had a dream about running. 

I woke up, grabbed my coffee, and opened my wedding notebook. It would have to wait.

"Running is not a priority right now. We have a wedding to plan," I told my mom.

To my surprise, she completely disagreed. "Running will help keep your head on straight."

She was right. Things are changing. Fast. Traveling for work- planning a wedding- moving out of my apartment. These are all great, big, exciting things! But they are still changes, which can be hard for me. 

Up until now, I have been looking at running like a luxury. Something I spent time doing for myself- frivolous and selfish. Some girls get manicures, I get running.

Now I see, in reality, running is more akin to brushing my teeth. Something I do for myself, yes, but also so that I can be my best for others. Running allows me to put my best foot forward in stressful situations. It helps me show up in the rest of my life. Is that so selfish? Isn't that worth the time it takes away from my to-do list?

So, here I am, writing a running blog post, and making plans to run with friends tomorrow, when I didn't even have time to wash my hair or call our florist back. And I am ok with that.

In the end, a vote for running is a vote for me, and the rest can wait.

How to train when you literally can, Part 13

After taking this week off for the above mentioned life reasons, I am back. 

I've started to wonder if I am running too little? Perhaps running 3x a week is not enough to get my muscles/bones ready for race impact. This week, I am going to toss the training calendar out the window and go by feel, as often as possible. This will probably mean adding two days of low slow mileage. I'll let you know how it goes!