The line between Pain and Injury

this is my calf, leaving me.

this is my calf, leaving me.

So, I'm hurting. Sometimes, hobbling. Since getting back to training, my inner left soleus has been a bit angry. I've pushed on, aware that I was approaching that line between pain and injury. I took an extra rest day.

Today, I made it a whole .6 miles before calling it quits. Fresh out of the gate, my form was tight, and I was limp-running. It was a tough call, but what choice did I have? Continue and risk it, or show up to my peak training weeks unprepared but hopefully healthy?

"Better undertrained, than overtrained," someone once told me. I made the decision to stop running until I could see my PT and massage therapist next week.

Which begs the question: what to do till then?

Back to crosstraining. 

Because my running has gone so well thus far, I plan on focusing more on active recovery than hard cardiovascular training. For me, that means yoga, salt baths, swimming, biking, and meditation.

Yeah... crosstraining.

I'm not going to lie, I'm terrified. Working this hard, to get this close.. and possibly not succeed? It is a destroying thought. Which is why I'm putting mind over matter. 

Meditating helps me focus on what I can do, rather than what I cannot. I can let go of all the what ifs, and lean into action steps like relaxing each muscle and living with the intention to run next week. Rumor has it, having a positive outlook during injury can speed recovery.

Sure can't hurt!

Till next week!