I run! And suffer from short term memory loss..

Me, drowning in the glory that is running...

Me, drowning in the glory that is running...

I got a lil' spring in my step this week! It could be that I just got back from my Grandmothers 95th (!!) birthday. Or, maybe, I am coming down from the surprise bridal shower my family threw for me.

Or, it could be that I have been running for a full week. Yup, ladies and gents, I am BACK. 

This past week, I have run/walked 7.6 amazing miles. I even got to run with a friend!! Me. Running with another runner. Man, I missed this.

Another thing I missed?

The whole last 6 months of recovery, apparently, because guess who did not stretch. At all.

You Can Take the Girl out of Surgery, But You Can't... Make her stop being a total Idiot.

Somewhere last week, I realized I was jumping back into old patterns. One week down, and I had already set myself up to be an injury prone runner. Perhaps it is time to focus less on surgical recovery, and more on prevention.

So, I cut down on actual run time to make space for a dynamic warm up and post-run stretch session. *pats self on back

How to Train When You Literally Almost Can, Part 12

I am running 3 times a week! Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On Sundays, I plan on doing some sort of active recovery without impact- swimming or elliptical. One day of PT strength training and one for rock climbing. Oh, and plenty of stretching. Wish me luck!

Have a great warm up, cool down, or fav stretch? I'm all ears! Need all the help I can get :)