3 Days to Go; Philly Marathon Countdown

Filling up

Filling up

Guys, something kinda cool happened. I ran 16 miles two weekends ago! And I could walk like a normal person after! 

The first 7 miles were uncomfortable- the pain in both of my legs made it hard to be present. But then something strange happened. My calves warmed up, and the looming shadow of this marathon shifted. I found myself having fun.

In fact, it wasn't until I started having fun, that I realized that I had stopped. 

And who could blame me? Who has time to worry about having fun when you have to heal? I have been too focused on troubleshooting my injuries to remember why I wanted to do this race in the first place. 

For fun.

Not because I have to prove my ability to suffer or persevere. I don't have to win a world title and I didn't lose a bet.

I just think running is fun.

So here we are, 3 days out from the Philly Marathon, and I'm running it. 

I may not finish, and it most likely won't be pretty. But if I play my cards right, I may get to have a bit of fun.

The Plan

This taper period, I decided I was not going to run. At all. I know, wild. Instead, I've been trying my hand at aqua jogging (fancy) and keeping up with my regular sports massages. Pulling back on activity came pretty naturally, since my life has been somewhat consumed with fundraising and new job stuff. 

For the race, I plan on trying to run with friends.  It's not exactly the most scientific of race plans, but it may be the most fun. Which, after all, is the only outcome I can really bank on. 

Wish me luck!