(Cool) Kids on the Block

had a bunch of hits, Chinese food makes me sick Sorry! I digress...

Andy and I have recently pledged to devote one day a week to creating random art! So far, it usually involves a little painting session in the morning (my jam), and then picking a neighborhood to explore with our cameras (his jam). 

I have lived in Brooklyn eleven !!!!! years and frankly, feel like i know the place inside and out. Not that I ever really stop to look at it, honestly. We are always running-to or running-by something. Learning to work a camera has made me stop and take a longer look. Mostly because I have to fiddle with the thing for an hour. But still...

Take all these awesome walls for example! So many of the iconic NYC scenes are grey,  but my city is full of hot pinks, neon greens, cool blues, and screaming yellows. Into it.

My parents got me the coolest book when I went through my first street art phase in high school. Later, in college, I traveled through Europe and snapped a good portion of graffiti. We even ended up following one artist from country to country (we must have had the same Euro Pass). Maybe one day I'll give it a go! 

Most of these graffiti gems are from Dumbo, Williamsburg, and Lefferts Gardens. Some are commissioned, some not. Enjoy!