Desk jungles & Painting Pots

Anyone following me on Instagram immediately knows two things:

1. I love rock climbing

2. My workplace is full of plants

I lovingly call my desk the jungle. Hanging ivy, giant banana leaves, tropical flowers, and a billion succulents adorn my shrinking desk. I love it.

My Desk Jungle is just one of the fabulous benefits of working in a creative studio. Our photographers are often tasked with casting the perfect plant for photoshoots, and all of the castaways end up on our desks. Same goes for pastries...yum.

Some flowers from my Desk Jungle

Some flowers from my Desk Jungle

Last week I decided that I needed some space ( you know for a pen, maybe a keyboard, those sorts of things *wink wink* ) so I took some home with me. The problem was, they all needed new pots. 

After brunch, Andy and I hit up some garden stores to find the perfect fit for all 11 of my new babies. We struck out hard. All of the pots seemed so ordinary and expensive when bought in bulk. Fueled by our new drug of choice, coffee, we opted to paint our own pots.

Such a good call!  We put on some tunes, and made a big fun ol' mess. We ended up just using acrylic, which I was worried about with clay pots and watering- but so far they have held up just fine! Can you guess which ones are mine and which ones are Andy's? heheehe

Now if only I can keep them alive! Fingers crossed...