Moving forward on a stationary bike

Me, Too Cool For the Elliptical

Me, Too Cool For the Elliptical

As many of you know, last week I took the plunge and signed up for my first "race" post surgery. This week, I began training.

And by training, I mean staring at a grey carpet, watching NBC, and competing in a race-to-nowhere with the dude on the elliptical beside me. Not exactly my idea of a fun run.

One week down, and I already feel too cool for the elliptical. A quick look at the week ahead, and my "long run" is set to be a full hour. 60 boring, slow minutes. Great.

So what's an injured gal to do? Time to get creative and find the fun. Here are some ways I have been getting in and out without losing my mind:

1. Embrace Machine ADD

I bounce from bike, to elliptical, to step machine, to that strange machine that makes people look like they are ice skating, and back again. 60 minutes is hard to handle, but breaking it up into 20 minute segments makes it easier to swallow.

2. Find a Rabbit, and chase them. 

If I am feeling under-motivated, I'll find a machine near the most intense looking person in the gym. Inevitably, my competitive nature will take over and I'll start pushing myself to match them. This might make me a jerk, but it also makes me stronger, and that's why I am there! Generally, the Rabbit never notices and I have a ball trying to keep up.

3. Over Share

If I got up early to workout, you'll know. I am a big fan of posting my successes on social media or logging my training in a journal. This way, I can scroll through my week and see the progress I've made. *high-fives self in mirror* 

Of course, there are days where these tricks fail, and I hate every single second of the effort. The only thing that can keep me chugging along at that point is the reminder that I am training for something. A race, myself, my health. And while it may not feel it, I am still moving forward, even if it is on a stationary bike.

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